Hitting Pro Don Slaught on the Batting Stance

Friday, Apr. 30th 2010

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The stance is a critical element of the baseball or softball swing. Getting set up in a good fundamental stance will improve the hitters chances of success. Below is a video from Don Slaught of Rightview. He is a former major leaguer and shares some good thoughts on the setup and stance.

Josh Hamilton Swing Mechanics

Wednesday, Apr. 28th 2010

Here is a video with Josh Hamilton in a hitting clinic talking about proper hitting mechanics.  The sound quality is poor but you might find it interesting.

Swing Analysis – Manny Ramirez

Monday, Apr. 26th 2010

For those who are interested in understanding swing mechanics, you might find this video interesting. This is a video of a swing analysis of Manny Ramirez. It’s a bit long…around eight minutes but effectively highlights some of the key hitting fundaments by watching one of baseball’s best hitters.

Valuable Softball Hitting Resource

Wednesday, Apr. 21st 2010

Below is a link to an excellent softball hitting resource.  This was published by John Tschida , the softball coach at the University of St. Thomas.   Known for his ability to coach softball hitters, he offers this 24 page hitting guide.  The guide includes illustrations and pointers for each phase of the swing.  It’s a free download.  Click the link below to get it.  There’s an opt-in box at the top of the page if you want to join John’s list of softball tips.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the download link for the hitting guide (no registration required).  

Softball Hitting Guide