Steal More Bases with Baseball Interval Training

Thursday, Jul. 29th 2010

Here is a 7 minute video showing how to use jump stretch bands to perform a high intesity workout designed for baseball players.  It’s a bit long but you find a few useful drills that can performed just about anywhere.

Positive Parenting in Sports

Wednesday, Jul. 28th 2010

If you are a coach and/or parent and you have probably faced one of the many challenges associated with raising athletes. 

  • Sometimes kids aren’t motivated or they are nervous. 
  • They get scared or don’t believe they can do it.  
  • Maybe the fun is gone,  they are burned out or they even want to quit.  

Below is a trailer for Jack Perconte’s book on Positive Parenting in sports.  This book takes on some of these challenges and offers some helpful advice.   I think we are at a critical time in youth sports where the line between fun and performance is constantly being challenged.   You might find this trailer and book interesting and useful. 

Bat Speed Video

Monday, Jul. 19th 2010

Here is a video by Jack Mankin about generating bat speed by creating torque with the top hand.  It’s a bit technical and long but you might find it useful.  The video uses pro players such as A-Rod to demonstrate his points.  Please let me know your thoughts.

Video on Batting Stance

Friday, Jul. 16th 2010

What I like most about this video is the tip about keeping your bottom hand at the top of the strike zone.  No only does this put your hands in a good hitting position but this helps the hitter, especially younger hitters, to recognize good and bad pitches.

Successful Texas High School Coach Excited About Insider Bat

Monday, Jul. 12th 2010

I highly recommend the Insider Bat. This new, innovative product gives your hitters instant feedback and a “feel” for the correct path of the bat head and the proper set of the hands. Our players have used the Insider Bat and they too, are excited about the results.

Dale Westmoreland
Head Baseball Coach Magnolia High School
2009 Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association
Hall of Fame Inductee
600 + career wins

Insider Bat Introduced During a Tournament Rain Delay

Sunday, Jul. 11th 2010

I am the Head Baseball Coach at Barbe High School in Lake Charles, LA for the past 23 years. My coaching staff was introduced to the Insider Bat by a coach from a visiting team during a rain delay at our tournament. We were talking about drills to teach kids to stay inside the ball and he said hey I have the perfect thing for you. Everyday during drill work, we use the Insider Bat and it has helped raise our kids understanding of how important it is to stay inside the ball. What I like so much about the Insider Bat is that you get immediate feedback. If you roll over, you miss the ball or pound it in the ground. If you dip you either miss the ball or pop it up. You must get in and stay in the correct hitting position in order to get the correct results. I would recommend the Insider Bat to everyone!

Glenn Cecchini
Head Baseball Coach
Barbe High School
Lake Charles, LA

• H.S. Baseball Coaches Assoc. National Coach of the Yr: 00, ’01,’06
• American Baseball Coaches Assoc Dist #8 Nat’l Coach of Yr: ‘00
• La. Baseball Coaches Assoc. 5A Coach of the Yr: ‘98, ‘00-‘06
• 5A State Coach of the Yr (voted by Sportswriters): ‘98, ‘01
• Dist. 3-5A Coach of the Yr: ‘92, ‘93, ‘95 – ‘08
• Southwest La. Coach of the Year: ‘97 – ‘00
• Ranked one of the Top 10 Baseball Programs of the Decade by Baseball America
• Co-Author of “101 Championship Drills”

Batting Trainer Endorsed by Successful High School Coach

Saturday, Jul. 10th 2010

“We have been using the insider bat and one of the main thing we like is the instant feedback you receive with each swing and the variety of drills that can be used with the insider bat. It really gives my players an understanding of keeping their hands inside the ball”

Head Coach Larry Turner

Head Baseball Coach
Owasso High School
Owasso, Oklahoma
State Champions 1987, 98, 99, 2001,03,04,07,08,09
State Runner-up 1997, 2000,05,06

Former Padres Manager says Batting Trainer is the “Lastest and Greatest”

Friday, Jul. 9th 2010

“The insiderbat is the latest and greatest hitting tool I have seen regarding the extension part of the swing in both baseball and softball. It is an everyday tool in my individual and private lesson program.”

Coach Greg Riddoch
Former San Diego Padres Manager
Current San Diego Padres Mental Skills Coach

The Most Effective Training Tool Says Winning Baseball Coach

Thursday, Jul. 8th 2010

“The Insider bat is the most effective training tooI I have encountered in my career in regards to proper hand path to the ball. The instant feedback, the portablity, the muscle memory development, are all reasons every player/coach should own an insider bat. It is like having an extra assistant coach for the players. The insider bat is and will be a part of any program I am involved with in the future”

Coach Rod Delmonico
Tennessee’s all time winningest baseball coach (699+ victories)
Ranked 4th on the all time SEC coaching wins list
4 SEC Eastern Division Titles
2 SEC Conference Championships
Coached over 100 players that signed professionally
Managed the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic in the upset over the Dominican Republic
Author of 4 books and produced 4 baseball videos
A feature coach at the MLB academies in Europe

Baseball Swing Expert Highly Recommends the Insider Bat

Wednesday, Jul. 7th 2010

 “I highly recommend the insider bat. Very rarely do you come across a training aide that is easy to use and takes so little instruction. Immediately when the hitter picks up the insider bat his mind starts calculating the necessary swing path to hit the ball squarely.”

Don Slaught
President and Founder/Rightview Pro
16 Yr MLB Career
Former Detroit Tiger Hitting Coach

Former UCF Head Coach Now Uses Batting Trainer with Select Teams

Wednesday, Jul. 7th 2010


“I strongly recommend the Insider Bat training tool.  I found that, while using the Insider Bat, my lessons and select teams are better able to see the and understand the significance of getting the bat level in proper position to maximize bat/barrel contact.”

Coach Jay Bergman
Former Head Coach – University of Central Florida (26 years)
Career Division I Collegiate Record : 1210 – 707 – 3
15 Time 40 win seasons

USC Hitting Coach Recommends the Batting Trainer

Tuesday, Jul. 6th 2010

“This is a hitting tool that helps a batter become his own best hitting coach. It is an innovative product that helps athletes of any age learn and repeat proper swing mechanics. The products unique shape and flat hitting surface automatically puts the hitters upper body and arms in the correct hitting position at contact.”

Coach Doyle Wilson
USC Trojans Baseball
Hitting Coach

Tom House Endorses the Insider Bat

Monday, Jul. 5th 2010

“The Insider Bat is proving to be a great personal swing coach for our athletes. It helps program every hitter’s swing path to be in the proper position at the right time to maximize his unique contact efficiencies. That’s a “home run” for player and instructor at any level of competition.”

Dr. Tom House
USC Trojans Baseball

A Baseball Hitting Aid for College Players to Tee Ballers

Monday, Jul. 5th 2010

“I have been using the Insider Bat to work with College Players down to the Tee Baller. I have seen Dramatic results with their overall swings. This tool is so YES or NO in its teachings. Either you have a good swing or you don’t. Its simple to teach with and its simple to learn with. Most of my clients that have been using this, including my switch hitting 6 yo son, are making more consistent line drive contact and are so excited about this product. My nephew went from a Mediocre JV High School Hitter to the Lead Off Hitter for his Varsity Team in two months while working with the Insider Bat. I recommend every coach should use this tool with working with his/her players swings from the Highest level down…Simply Amazing!!!”

Todd Blyleven
Owner of “Blyleven’s Dugout”, Indoor Baseball Facility in Huntington Beach, CA

  • 7 year Professional Player
  • 7 year Major League Scout
  • Professional Baseball Instructor since 1993
  • Father, Bert Blyleven, played 23 years Professional Baseball

Batting Trainer Adopted by Olympic Softball Coach

Sunday, Jul. 4th 2010

“The insider bat is a tremendous teaching tool to create the proper feel of staying inside the ball and releasing the angles we create in hitting. We use it for top hand and bottom hand drills! I love the elements of instant feedback and proper feel that it gives hitters of all ages!”

Mike Candrea
Head Softball Coach
The University of Arizona
NCAA National Champions – 1991, 93, 94, 96, 97, 2001, 06, 07
21-year Arizona Totals 1131-228-2
Olympic Head Coach – Team USA Softball

The Only Baseball Hitting Tool Used At This Baseball Academy

Sunday, Jul. 4th 2010

“I teach hitting from beginners all the way to professional athletes. The Insider Bat works with all ages and skill levels. Besides the regular baseball bat, the Insider Bat is the only hitting tool I use in our instruction here at Pro Way Baseball Academy. I fully recommend the use of the Insider Bat for developmental training and reinforcement of the total swing.

Coach Sid Holland
Pro Way Baseball Academy
Houston, TX

Baseball Hitting Aid for Every Level Player

Sunday, Jul. 4th 2010

The insiderbat is a natural training aid for every level student. When the student first puts the insiderbat in their hands, they start thinking proper bat path. Amazing!

Leon Woods
MVP Hitting Solutions,C the Pitch

Gary Gaetti endorses the Insider Bat Batting Trainer

Saturday, Jul. 3rd 2010

Former MLB all star, Gary Gaetti had this to say about the revolutionary new Insider Bat batting trainer.

“The innovative design of the INSIDER BAT and its simplicity of use, makes this device one of my favorite and useful tools for teaching hitters the proper set up, grip and swing path.

The INSIDER BAT is fun to use, gives immediate feedback and is challenging all at the same time. I recommend the INSIDER BAT to all my clients – not just for use at the batting cage, but also at home and on the road. Its light weight and size make it ideal for taking swings anytime, anywhere, even in a hotel room. I wish I would have had an INSIDER BAT during my playing days for those many times I needed to practice but was limited by space and time.

Try the INSIDER BAT today, I’m sure you will like it!”


Gary Gaetti
(The G-Man)
19 Year Major League Career
Former Houston Astros Hitting Coach
2507 Games Played
360 Career Home Runs (Tied with Joe Dimaggio)
2280 Career Hits
1341 Career RBI

Batting Trainer Yields Instant Feedback Says Ole Miss Baseball Coach

Saturday, Jul. 3rd 2010

“When we got the insider bat, as a coach you want to do whatever you can to get your players better, but there are a lot of things out there that can be perceived as “gimmicky”. However, the insider bat was great because it is yields instant feedback, which really opens the door for teaching. In addition, its always beneficial to have drills in you daily routine that promote good mechanics, because at the end of the day the baseball swing can be like trying to fix a leaking pipe with a piece of gum, nothing is permanent. The insider bat can guarantee you that proper mechanics are being reinforced daily whether you are there as a coach or not.”

Coach Matt Mossberg
Ole Miss Baseball

Olympic Gold Medalist Uses Insider Bat to Teach Softball Hitting

Friday, Jul. 2nd 2010

“The Insider Bat has been extremely effective in getting my students to understand the importance of keeping their hands on the inside path of the ball in order to hit the ball on the sweetspot of their bat. Not to mention they have a ton of fun with the drills. It gives them immediate feedback and challenges them as well. I am so thrilled to FINALLY have a tool that helps my students understand the concept of keeping their hands inside the ball.”

Christie Ambrosi
2000 Olympic Gold Medalist – Team USA Softball
4 Year All-American at UCLA
1999 National Champion