Inexpensive Backyard Baseball Training

Friday, Aug. 20th 2010

In a world of high tech gadgets, it was refreshing to run across this video showing some great old fashioned baseball drills that you can do in your backyard with stuff already lying around your house.   Here’s a video trailer.

Bat Speed Drills

Friday, Aug. 20th 2010

Looking for more bat speed and power? Here is a video with a few drills to build arm strength and increase bat speed. This video is from the folks at XLR8 Speed Bat. If you don’t have one of these bat, these drills should work with anything similar in size and weight.

Tip of the Day form U.S. Baseball Academy

Thursday, Aug. 19th 2010

A video from the U.S. Baseball Academy with a good tip and drills to break the habit of “wrapping the bat”. This is a swing flaw that can cause real problems as the pitching speed increases.

Hands Back for More Hitting Power

Wednesday, Aug. 18th 2010

Here’s a video from the folks at Load to Explode. Here, they are talking about keeping the hands still and back until the hips have cleared. After analysis of over 100 great hitters, they have determined that this is a key to being successful at the plate.

Simple Video with Powerful Youth Baseball Drills

Tuesday, Aug. 17th 2010

This video highlights what they call the “straight jacket drill”. I have never heard it called that before, but I like the drill and have used it numerous times with great success. There is also a nice brief description of the desired “palm up, palm down” position at contact. Lastly a good variation of the power hand drill. Nice video.

Staying Back…What Does it Really Mean?

Monday, Aug. 16th 2010

Here’s a video that was made to demonstrate what is meant by “staying back”.   It’s a bit technical and a little long but there are some good points here.

I would also add that if you can “stay back” and not lunge at the ball, you will be able to keep you head more still, which allows you to better see the ball. You will also have a much better chance of hitting an off speed pitch.

Another Cool Insider Bat Video

Saturday, Aug. 14th 2010

Here’s a cool little video showing a young player using the Insider Bat. Looks like the Insider Bat batting trainer is working for this kid.   Notice how he is quick, directly to the ball and then extends through impact.   Nice stroke!

New Informational Video – The Insider Bat

Friday, Aug. 13th 2010

Here’s a new video from Justin Ruchti, a member of the 2003 National Champion Rice Owls and former member of the Seattle Mariners. It’s a little long at just under ten minutes but if you are curious about what the Insider Bat is all about, you should check it out.

He gives an in-depth breakdown of what it’s good for, how and why it was designed, which hitting problems it solves and which drills you can do with it.

He also clarifies how to size the Insider Bat to know which model is right for you or your hitter.

Hitting Off the Tee

Thursday, Aug. 12th 2010

Here’s a nice video from Ripken Baseball talking about using the Tee for batting practice. We all know that when you bring out the tee at practice the kids start to groan. But as we learn in this video, even the major leaguers hit off the tee every day. The key in this video is focusing on practicing the coil and weight shift. Since the ball isn’t moving, you can really take your time and practice getting your weight through the ball for more power. Enjoy!