Coaching Youth Baseball – Have a Plan!

Tuesday, Jan. 25th 2011

I ran across this article by Mickey B.  He brings up some great points about coaching youth teams…or for coaching any team for that matter.  His main point is to have a plan and I couldn’t agree more.  When we starting using practice plans for our teams, the productivity of our practices went through the roof.  When following a plan, the biggest challenge becomes clock management…but it still helps a ton!  Check out Mickey’s article below:

Throwing Drill: Hitting the Cutoff Man

Sunday, Jan. 16th 2011

Here’s a simple drill that we have used many times in our practices.  I would add that this drill provides an excellent opportunity to work on the body positioning of the relay man.  As you work with the players on this drill make sure that they are set up so that they can receive the ball by reach the glove out across their body and then turn to the glove side in order to make a smooth throw.   Below is a clip from the original article by Coach Kenny Buford:

“I found that my players were having trouble hitting the cut-off man correctly and then the cut-off man was making sloppy transfers to the given base. I came up with these baseball throwing drills to address the problem.”

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