Baseball Hitting Tips: The Mental Approach to An At Bat

Thursday, Oct. 27th 2011

Here’s a great tip from one of MLBs best hitters in the past 30 years. Don Mattingly shares some great advice in not trying to do too much with a pitch, waiting for something to hit and approaching every at bat the same way, regardless of the game situation or pressure involved. Yes, easier said that done…but good advice nonetheless.   Enjoy…

Baseball Hitting Tips: The Mental Approach to Practice

Wednesday, Oct. 26th 2011

We all know that practice is essential for becoming a better hitter. But keep in mind that not all practice is created equal. In this clip, Don Mattingly says a few words about trying to get the most out of your training sessions and batting practice.

Baseball Hitting Tips: Avoiding Strikeouts

Tuesday, Oct. 25th 2011

The keys here are starting slow and keeping your head still.  Moving your eyes even a few inches can be devastating for making good, consistent contact.  Watch Don’s tips for keeping everything in order to see the ball better, maintain a good swing and reduce your chances of striking out.

Baseball Hitting Tips: The Swing & Follow Through

Monday, Oct. 24th 2011

If you have used good fundamentals in all of the steps leading up the swing, you are probably in good shape.  For these initial hitting tips, we want to keep it simple and he swing should just finish the motion you already started.  In this clip, Don also touches on the importance of proper follow though. 

Now, for some of you who are more advanced, you might want to contribute some other points or have additional questions.  For example, in this clip, Don talks about the issue of swinging up or down to the ball.   There’s also the issue of where you want to make contact with the ball, etc.  Rest assured, there is more coming and we will address these and other important issues.  But for now, we’ll keep to the basics and follow Don’s good advice.   Enjoy!

Baseball Hitting Tips: Stride & Weight Transfer

Friday, Oct. 21st 2011

This is a great video tip. This is clip 3 in a 7 part series done by Don Mattingly.   A lot of hitters get in trouble with the stride so heed Don’s advice here. “Watch the first step…it’s a doozy”. That really holds true for hitting the baseball.  If you get yourself into a bad position with a poor first step, it may be difficult to recover.   The stride should be a soft step or touch…because the weight hasn’t transfered yet.   Keep your weight back…make a soft stride and then transfer your weight through the ball for maximum power and impact. Watch Don explain.

Baseball Hitting Tips: Batting Stance & Hitting Position

Thursday, Oct. 20th 2011

In order to put yourself in the right position for success, a proper setup is critical.  As shown in this video with Don Mattingly, if you put yourself back in the batter’s box, you have a little more time to recognize and react to the pitch. You also want to have your feet in pretty much of a straight line to be able to see the ball and rotate the hips…without being so open that you can’t hit the outside pitch.  Here’s the video clip.

Baseball Hitting Tips: The Proper Baseball Hitting Grip

Wednesday, Oct. 19th 2011

Heres’s the first video in a 7 part series put on by Don Mattingly of Mattingly Sports.  This first video focuses on the critical element of the grip.  That grip may seem simple but it can cause a lot ofmajor problems if done wrong.  Some of the key elements of a proper grip are to have the bat in the fingers…not the palms and to line up the “door knocking” knuckles.    Here’s the first video.