SoftHit Training Balls

Monday, May. 14th 2012

We get asked all of the time about what types of balls to use for training aids.  There are some hitting aids (like the Insider Bat) that simply don’t allow for hitting real baseballs.  In these cases, we typically recommend wiffle balls or a tennis ball with a hole punched in it.

But now we can offer yet another alternative.    Introducing the new SoftHit Training Balls.  These balls are the same size as a real baseball and look like a baseball.

  Advantages include:

  • More substantial feel that wiffles
  • Pick up the laces in batting practice
  • Won’t break glass
  • Throw faster batting practice to kids afraid of fast pitching
  • Don’t break like wiffles

Useful for:

  • Taking full swings in the yard without worrying about broken windows
  • Tee or soft toss work where and when you can’t use baseballs
  • Training to catch pop ups when a hard ball might be dangerous
  • Use them in the gym or indoors when you can’t hit outside

Overall, a great addition to your training gear…and kids love them!

Put some in your bag today.  Free Shipping!