A hitting tool you won’t believe you didn’t think of

Thursday, Jan. 31st 2013

I’m always interested in new a creative hitting methods, drills, and tools. Today, for our training equipment segment, we will look at the hitting disk. The hitting disk accomplishes all the qualities I look for in a piece of training equipment; the hitting disk is cheap, effective, and creative. You can get three disks for $24.95, but you could essentially buy a pool Frisbee at Wal-Mart for three dollars and save some money. However, just because the product isn’t proprietarily unique doesn’t mean it is not effective.


(Pictures taken from hittingdisk.com)

The hitting disk is essentially a Frisbee made of fabric that you hold in between the palms of your two hands (see pictures above). After you place the hitting disk in between your palms, you get into your normal batting stance and take a swing, as you normally would, while you release the disk at the point you normally make contact with a baseball. The point of the disk is to create a correct bat path for young hitters. If your hands are not parallel to the ground or the sky when you release the Frisbee, and reach the point of contact, the disk will not fly very far; if your hands are tilted up at the point of contact, the Frisbee will fly strait up—like a fly ball; if your hands are angled down, the Frisbee will go directly into the ground—like a ground ball. The disk creates a way for a hitter to evaluate their bat path, and the best part about the hitting disk is that you don’t need a partner to use it.

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