Tools to improve your bat path

Monday, Jan. 7th 2013

This week’s featured training aid is the Instructo Swing. The Instructo Swing hitting tool forcefully coaches hitters, by the means of the guided rails, to keep their hands in the zone longer, keep their bat inside the ball, and keep the proper swing path towards the ball. The Instructo Swing is adjustable for right handed and left handed batters and can be angled, down, level, and upward. Proper bat mechanics is a fundamental that needs to be reinforced at all levels, and the Instructo Swing does just that.

From my observation, the reviews for the Instructo Swing may be characterized as that of praise. Parents have said that it takes time for there young baseball players to adjust to the mechanics necessary to hit off of the unique tee, but once they are able to adjust their swing path they are able to carry over their newly found swing mechanics into in game situations. The device is relatively expensive at a retail of $169.99 on most websites, but smart buyers will be able to find it used for as little as $49.99.

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