Best BBCOR Bats of 2013 to get the most bang for your buck

Thursday, Jan. 24th 2013

This week’s segment on advanced/high school hitters will focus on 2013 BBCOR aluminum bats. How does one know if they are getting a good value on a bat that can run upwards of $400? Wouldn’t you like some none biased information to base you decision on? With a lot of money on the line, and little information to base you decision on, I have decided to lend a helping hand to out readers. There are several websites— and—that provide non-biased information when it comes to aluminum bats, but I would like to point the reader’s attention towards, in 2013 Baseball Bat Reviews, has acted as a critique, facilitator, and aggregator of all things BBCOR.’s article provides a look at the best aluminum bats available for the 2013 year based on six criterion: performance, durability, balance, looks, value, customer service. And, as an affirmation to the idea that they are unmotivated by financial incentives, their second and third rated bats retail for $200; that’s almost half the price as the majority of the other bats on the list. To aid to the quality of their article they have also placed, if not two, at least one promotional video, that either is an advertisement for the bat or a non-partisan review of the bat from one of the aforementioned websites that I named in the first article.

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