Common hitting mistakes

Monday, Feb. 4th 2013

In order to improve at anything in life, we must look to improve our flaws. When it comes to hitting, we have the advantage of being able to look towards others when we want to improve our errors. Because, if this is the first time we have encountered a particular problem, the odds are that someone else has identified and corrected our mistakes. Matt Schilling is the Director of On-Field Instruction at Baseball Factory, a professional scout, and a former college coach. Recently he has decided to publish a collection of PDFs that address the five most common hitting flaws that he has seen.

Consequently, I thought we would take the time to look at the first edition of Schilling’s work. His first edition looks at the at the load, or as he calls it, “the launching pad.” Whatever you want to call it, the load is the first time when mistakes in your swing can happen. There are a variety of errors that may occur, and Schilling gives a general guideline of how your stride and movement of your hands should look at this phase in your swing. Take the time to read Matt’s work. It is a delight and is a piece of work that is applicable in its breadth from the novice to the professional.

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