Don’t get tricked when you buy baseball equipment

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd 2013

Many websites devoted to non-partisan baseball equipment reviews can afford to be non-partisan, because they don’t care if you buy a particular brand, as long as you buy a product from their website. The web is littered with baseball equipment reviews but you would be hard pressed to call any of them unbiased. The majority of the reviews you will see online claim that each product is the best, high quality, top of the line product you can buy. Why do I doubt this? Because, most of the product reviews online have been published by product manufactures themselves. Consequently, this is why intelligent consumers, that want the most bang for their buck, need to do their research and make the smartest and most informed purchases they can; baseball equipment is not cheap! I thought I would provide a little help for our readers.

picture of a shifty used car salesman

(Don’t let this man sell you baseball equipment)

On, in the Low Liners blog, someone has taken the time to survey professional baseball players and facilitate their recommendations to the public. The survey looks to be anonymous, and therefor players may be able speak freely about their true opinions of baseball gear without retaliation from any sponsorships they may have. The list that the Low Liners blog has comprised is thorough, and current; the list was developed in April of last year; most of the items on the list can probably be bought at a discount going into the 2013 season and can still be considered elite.

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