Drills to improve common youth hitting errors

Tuesday, Jan. 8th 2013

Upper cuts, slow swings, head pulling, lunging, who has not seen these problems from little league to high school, from the best hitters to the hitters that need a little bit more help? Glimer Baseball.org provides a way for parents and coaches to look at batters, realize their problems, and fix the problems with a problem specific drill. The website is non-profit and their information is helpful more specifically for youth aged players.

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This chart provides a way for parents and coaches of youth baseball, who might not have much experience with the game, a way to correct their young hitters swing without the investment of a lucrative amount of money in training aids. The drills correct prevalent problems in youth baseball in simplistic, yet effective ways. The most unique part about the way they present their material is that it comes in the form of a graph. The graph provides an easy to use guide and an equally coherent procedure to follow when it comes to the execution of their recommended drills.

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