Drills to increase plate vision

Wednesday, Jan. 2nd 2013

The hitting drill of the week is the Colored Horseshoe of Baseball, by BeABetterHitter.com. The drill stresses the importance, like many of the websites other drills, of vision in hitting. For this particular drill, take a group of baseballs and color a dot with a sharpie in the horseshoe part of the baseball. Use four different colors for as many balls as you would like. Then have a pitcher throw the ball to a batter, and as the ball comes towards the hitter, have the hitter call out the color of the ball.

BeABetterHitter.com suggests that the hitter not swing at the pitches during this exercise, for safety of the pitcher, but there are other vitiations of the same drill where hitters, along with warming up their vision for in game at bats, can practice their swings.  Take a group of whiffle balls and tape them with athletic tape. Then, like the previous drill, color the whiffle ball with a dot. Use as many colors on as many balls as you like. Then throw the whiffle ball to a batter and have them call out the color of the ball before they swing at it. This version of the drill allows hitters to improve their vision while they practice their contact rate.

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