Learn Proper Hitting Mechanics and Diagnose Swing Problems.

The features of the Insider Bat are specifically designed to reinforce proper swing mechanics or make it easy to pinpoint problem areas of the swing.  Each feature of the bat works in conjunction with the others to create the “perfect swing”  Features include:

  • Sweet Spot – The smooth “sweet spot” portion of the bat is designed to enforce hitting the ball on the sweet spot and also indicate the swing flaws.  When the sweet spot is struck properly, the desired palm up/palm down position occurs.
  • Small Shaft – This aluminum shaft is designed to prevent the common “casting or sweeping” of hands.
  • Angled Shaft – The shaft angle is designed to create the desired “hands inside the ball” or the “inside path to the ball” and is used to indicate to a hitter when the wrist roll improperly during the swing.
  • Trigger Grip/Oval Handle – Designed to train proper grip and hand alignment. The “trigger” reminds hitters where their hands should be during the swing.  The trigger is also useful during one-handed drills.   The oval grip design makes it almost impossible to grip the bat improperly.