Hip rotation drills for hitting

Friday, Dec. 28th 2012

BaseballHittingRebelion.com, in one of their most recent blog post, has looked to explain common rotational hip problems that are present in swings. Through the use of videos, the blog post looks at the problem that hitting off of a tee while taking your stance on a 2×4 piece of wood, a common practice implemented by coaches, presents. Chas Pippitt, the blogs proprietor, looks at better and safer alternatives to this drill. In the end, hitters are still able to focus on their rotational hip movement and achieve a greater sense of balance.

Both drills, the 2×4 and Chas’ drill, stress fluid hip movement and balance, and look for ways to address these issues. Mechanically, the blog post and the videos embedded in them look to solve many of the problems facing hitters at all levels. Pippitt looks to show readers and viewers how to use their athleticism in their swings. Because, for Pippitt, athleticism is the source of a powerful swing, hitters must continue to develop and implement their athleticism into their swings.

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