Improve your youths reading ability and baseball skill simultaneously

Wednesday, Jan. 30th 2013

One way that I have always said a youth baseball player can improve their game is by reading about the game. However, as we, and most parents of young players know, it is difficult to motivate adolescents to read. But let me recommend a way to get your young player reading regularly about the game they love. provides a blog in which they provide a piece of advice about baseball that is normally from eight to fifteen sentences long. The advice column will improve your child’s baseball knowledge will they learn to love to read.

The blog works for several reasons. To start, the blog is not very long and should be able to keep the attention of the most scattered youths. The advice column takes place daily. Get your child into the habit of reading the blog daily, and, most importantly as parents, read the blog too. Have a conversation with your daughter/son about the piece of advice they read and have them teach what they read to you—it will also give you the opportunity to correct them if they have misunderstood something. After all the best way to learn a subject is to teach it to someone else. Before you know it your child’s baseball knowledge will have increased exponentially, and their knowledge will translate to on field success.

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