Inventive idea towards hitting

Tuesday, Feb. 5th 2013

One of the most important attributes a piece of baseball training equipment can have is that it may be used alone, by one individual. Many training aids require the participation of, if not three, two people, but quite frequently we are left to our own devices to work on our swing. The Schutt Striker II looks to address the necessity of group participation in a piece of training equipment. Even with tee drills, when you are by yourself you have to hit the ball off the tee, reach down, put another ball on the tee, and do it all over again. Basic description: the Schutt Striker II is an apparatus that is attached to a fence and the ball is suspended parallel to the fence, by a piece of rope.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 11.55.36 AM

The Schutt Striker allows you to practice on your own the fundamentals of your swing without having to chase after baseballs, and waiting for partner to practice with you. Simply take a swing, and the ball will spin vertically, until it comes to a stop. The advantage to this particular hitting device, as opposed to other devices like it—the Swing Away—is that after you hit the ball it travels vertically, as opposed to horizontally. Put another way, the Schutt Striker II simulates the action of a pitch better than its competitors through it’s unique design.

The Schutt Striker II is a good hitting tool because it may be used by a single individual, simulates what an in game pitch looks like more than its competitors, and is offered at a competitive price. Baseball equipment manufactures and inventors need to continue to accomplish these three goals with each new invention. If they don’t, they are only moving horizontally down creative pathway, like the Swing Away, as opposed to vertically towards ideas uncharted, like the Schutt Striker II.

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