I am the Head Baseball Coach at Barbe High School in Lake Charles, LA for the past 23 years. My coaching staff was introduced to the Insider Bat by a coach from a visiting team during a rain delay at our tournament. We were talking about drills to teach kids to stay inside the ball and he said hey I have the perfect thing for you. Everyday during drill work, we use the Insider Bat and it has helped raise our kids understanding of how important it is to stay inside the ball. What I like so much about the Insider Bat is that you get immediate feedback. If you roll over, you miss the ball or pound it in the ground. If you dip you either miss the ball or pop it up. You must get in and stay in the correct hitting position in order to get the correct results. I would recommend the Insider Bat to everyone!

Glenn Cecchini
Head Baseball Coach
Barbe High School
Lake Charles, LA

• H.S. Baseball Coaches Assoc. National Coach of the Yr: 00, ’01,’06
• American Baseball Coaches Assoc Dist #8 Nat’l Coach of Yr: ‘00
• La. Baseball Coaches Assoc. 5A Coach of the Yr: ‘98, ‘00-‘06
• 5A State Coach of the Yr (voted by Sportswriters): ‘98, ‘01
• Dist. 3-5A Coach of the Yr: ‘92, ‘93, ‘95 – ‘08
• Southwest La. Coach of the Year: ‘97 – ‘00
• Ranked one of the Top 10 Baseball Programs of the Decade by Baseball America
• Co-Author of “101 Championship Drills”

I highly recommend the Insider Bat. This new, innovative product gives your hitters instant feedback and a “feel” for the correct path of the bat head and the proper set of the hands. Our players have used the Insider Bat and they too, are excited about the results.

Dale Westmoreland
Head Baseball Coach Magnolia High School
2009 Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association
Hall of Fame Inductee
600 + career wins

“I teach hitting from beginners all the way to professional athletes. The Insider Bat works with all ages and skill levels. Besides the regular baseball bat, the Insider Bat is the only hitting tool I use in our instruction here at Pro Way Baseball Academy. I fully recommend the use of the Insider Bat for developmental training and reinforcement of the total swing.

Coach Sid Holland
Pro Way Baseball Academy
Houston, TX

I am not a big believer in training tools to teach kids the “art of hitting”, but the Insider Bat is a great tool for teaching younger and older players about keeping their hands inside the ball! I tried it with one of my players, Nino Leyja from last year’s State Championship team (and who was drafted by Oakland). He fell in love with how it made him stay through the baseball. He told me to get him one ASAP!

It makes a player really understand about gaining ground through the baseball with their hands and not with their body – and also to stay back!

You get a quick response from using the bat after you hold a baseball in front of them and tell them to get to contact! Every lesson that I have used the Insider Bat with are so surprised that their hands are in the right spot at contact every time. Great job with what you have designed!

Coach Shawn Ina
Instructor at Baseball USA “The Yard” since 1997 Asst. Head Coach at Houston Christian High School 2005 & 2008 TAPPS State Champs (36–3) Associate Scout St. Louis Cardinals – 3 years

 “I have been using the ‘Insider Bat’ for about two weeks now with my students and I have noticed tremendous gains across the board in their ability to not only consistently hit the ball hard, but in their understanding of how and why it is happening. I had a 12 yr. old hitting the ball harder than some of the high school kids I work with after one 15 minute training session with the ‘Insider Bat’. The effect it has on a player’s ability to consistently get his hips and hands to lead the bat is second to none. I am not big on gimmicks when it comes to hitting, but this is no gimmick. It gets results and works for any age.”

Justin Ruchti
Member of 2003 Rice National Champions
Seattle Mariners system 4-5 yrs.
Private lessons coach
Houston Heat baseball

“The insider bat is an unbelievable diagnostic tool for kids of all ages. I use the insider bat for my private lessons as well as my select teams. What I really like about this tool is that my players begin to understand the glitches in their swing right away. The insider bat helps fix the common flaws that most hitters have like rolling of the wrist, lack of extension, and casting of the hands.”

Paul Kessler (NPA Certified Coach)
Head Instructor/Owner
Extreme Heat Baseball

“The Insider Bat is a great feedback tool for any hitter to learn the proper, “Point of Contact”. To hit a ball properly at point of contact, your back elbow is still by your side and your back upper arm is close to vertical. The Insider Bat helps all hitters to achieve this proper bat position and develop contact points to all parts of the field.”

Royce Huffman
10 year veteran
Chicago White Sox
Houston Astros
San Diego Padres
Texas Rangers

“We currently train sixteen pro baseball players in the off-season and use the Insider Bat in our hitting performance circuit. The importance of proper arm slot, bat lag and contact is a main ingredient to our all of our hitters. A combination of the Insider Bat and the wood bat on the tee and soft toss drills provides our major league players with proper biomechanical efficiency and instant feedback on bat path.”

Joe Loria
Texas Sports Medicine Center
Coordinator Baseball Performance
NPA / RDRBI Certified Instructor

“The Insider Bat training tool has now been included in our drill work for all
of our teams. It is easy to use and does a great job of teaching us to stay
inside the ball.”

Coach Frank Romero
Head Baseball Coach – Conroe High School

“We are currently using the Insider Bat in our hitting stations. The instant feedback it gives our players is incredible. It is a must for any hitter to learn the proper bat path, along with arm slot and hand positioning at contact. It will become an important part of the development of our players, as well as the young players who come through our camps.”

Thomas Loria
Head Baseball Coach – Cy Woods High School
President – Houston Area Baseball Coaches Association

“As a private lessons instructor and clinician, a current elite-level/international women’s baseball player and former pro/international softball player, I am in a unique position to evaluate the Insider Bat with numerous students of both sports. I use the Insider Bat training tool nearly every day with students of all ages – from age 7 to adult right now—and can say, without a doubt, this is the finest single hitting instructional tool I’ve had the privilege of trying for either softball or baseball! The Insider Bat has proven to be durable and invaluable in promoting proper rotational hitting technique. With good application and instruction, this tool will help anyone from parents to coaches to the player herself or himself to correct early wrist rolling, proper hand positioning at contact, and proper contact in the swing plane. Put that all together, and you have line drives, base hits, and home runs. I can’t say enough good about ambien for sale hitter’s or instructor’s “tool box.”!

Tiffany J. Brooks
• Former Professional/International Fastpitch Player
• Elite/International Women’s Baseball Player
• Co-Manager and Player, North American Liberty Belles, Elite Women’s International Baseball Team
• Former International Softball Coach and Clinician (Holland, Australia, Sweden)
• Columnist, Softball West Magazine
• Owner and Head Instructor, Stick and Ball Sports Training, Spokane, Washington