The Importance of the Stride: Continued

Thursday, Feb. 7th 2013

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Although the stride in a swing can lead to multiple problems that will counteract the productivity of your swing, the stride is essential in the generating power as a hitter. Many coaches have attempted to take the stride out of swings, and with the old BESR bat, which had a crazy amount of pop, that was ok. With the new BBCOR bats, however, hitters need to generate all the power and energy in their swings that they possibly can. No longer can hitters rely on their bat to generate their power, as a result, the stride is now more important than ever.

I have been a constant advocate for big, but controlled strides, and this is consequently why I am so interested in ISO Baseball’s Stride Trainer. Coaches look to eliminate the stride from young and older hitters swings because of the bad habits that it can create: over striding, stepping in the bucket, opening up immediately with the front toe, or a combination of these flaws. Whatever the case may be, the sooner that you can train yourself as a hitter to have a correct well balanced stride, the sooner you will be able to excel as a hitter. ISO baseball’s stride trainer encourages good form in the stride, through assistance and a limited amount of resistance, while it teaches hitters that the key to a good stride resides in the weight that they place on their back leg. Any use of bad techniques while hitters have the trainer on will result in an imbalance that will make it impossible for the hitter to hit; only the correct form will allow the hitter to take a swing.

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