The jump from high school to college baseball

Friday, Jan. 18th 2013

Our blog for advanced hitters this week will discuss the transition from high school to college baseball, and, for the lucky few, the jump from high school to pro-baseball. My opinion, when it comes to high school baseball players that want to play college baseball, is that it comes down to two factors: 1) Do you want to play baseball bad enough? 2) Are you a hard worker? Those two factors probably feed off of each other in a reciprocal fashion, but they are important for any high school baseball player that wants to continue their baseball career. From my time in baseball, I have seen talent-deprived players play college baseball at colleges in subarctic and sub-Saharan climates, that have minimal academic standards, because they wanted to continue their dream of being a baseball player. At a certain point each player has to decide when their playing career is over, and for some it may be in high school, others in college, or, for the fortunate, in pro-ball. However, for high school and college players, the time to lay the glove down is when you have to choose between baseball and education; education always comes first. For example, I had a high school teammate who chose to play junior college baseball at Cochise Sate, over the University of San Diego. He immediately regretted his mistake and transferred to USD after his first semester in college. However, for those that are determined to play at the next level and want to work hard to get there, here is some help. provides a plethora of step-by-step guidelines and advice for high school players that want to play in college and at the pro level. The website takes you through every step of the recruiting process: contacting coaches, standardized tests, and recruiting camps. The website has it all. For players that want to play in college, reading all this information is part of the hard work that is necessary to get you where you want to go.

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