Total Control Ball: Baseball Revolution or Fraud?

Thursday, Feb. 14th 2013

Today, I found a hitting product that I am fascinated with, however I am not sure if I like it or love it. The product with which I have made reference to is the Total Control Ball. There was not much information on what service the product actually performed, and after I saw the lofty price tag of around $12 a ball and $60 for a six-pack of balls, I had to know what capabilities the spherical yellow object performed.

First, what is the Total Control Ball? The TCB, as I will refer to it from now on, is made from “a highly absorbant energy material” which may be used on tee drills and soft/front/short toss drills to, as their website states, “develop strength and extension through the hitting zone and provide instant feedback to the hitter.” The TCB comes in three different forms: a whiffle ball style, a larger ball for softball, and a smaller ball for baseball.

Although it took more effort than I feel like was needed to divulge the actual function of the ball—no website adequately described what the ball was for—the TCB, unless hit in the perfect spot on the ball, either falls straight up in the air or straight to the ground, because of the malleable material it is made out of. However, I am skeptical that the product can provide results that are equitable to is lofty price tag. $12 for a ball and $60 for a six-pack is a lot of money, and these figures are on the low end of what I found to be the common sum for the product. I also found very little feedback from customers. The only explanations of the product, or comments on the functionality of the product, came from websites that featured the product for sale. The ball seems to be a glorified bouncy ball, that you can find in the toy bin at Toys R’ Us, slapped with a huge mark up. Our readers can tell me if I’m wrong. If nothing else, did provide me with the enjoyment of a video that showcases their product to a soundtrack that sounds like it was taken out of a Michael Bay movie. Do watch it, and enjoy.

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